I Wonder ... Episode #1 - Patience in Parenthood

I Wonder ... Episode #1 - Patience in Parenthood

In the journey of raising Tiny Changemakers, there are moments of joy and happiness, as well as times when we are in doubt, with many questions to ponder. This is when we are the most vulnerable and in tremendous need of “The Village”.

In Billie Wonder’s new storytelling venture: "I Wonder… Raising the Future Together" - we bring you the community wisdom in a non-judgemental way.

"I Wonder... Raising the Future Together" is a heartwarming and informative campaign giving voice to parents, grandparents, doulas, and experts within the community. We seek to foster a collective spirit of unity, communal support, and shared curiosity in raising the next generation, alongside Billie Wonder's sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

In our first episode, Khaoula has guided us through her story of motherhood and inspiration for Billie Wonder x Khaoula Boumeshouli Blossom Capsule Collection.


Khaoula Boumeshouli is a modest fashionista and a real powerhouse who is all about entrepreneurship, motherhood and self development. She is a true inspiration for different kinds of women for subjects as female empowerment as well as fashion and beauty related topics. Her looks can be described as sophisticated, unique and with a feminine touch.

Taking steps towards a more sustainable Earth isn’t something that one person can do alone, it requires everyone to work together. To quote Anne Marie Bonneau, zero-waste chef: “We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” To move closer to our goals, we must welcome voices with diverse experiences onto our board, inspiring others along the way.

The Moroccan-Dutch Khaoula Boumeshouli is one powerful voice with a mission to design a better future for generations to come. “A flower needs a lot of attention and motivation to grow”. The bloom of flowers has inspired her motherhood and her tender care for her child.

“I wonder…if I can let things grow with patience”- wonders Khaoula in our first episode of I wonder.


Patience in parenthood

“Every baby is born a Changemaker”. Shaking up routines, turning lifestyles upside down, and giving their parents countless sleepless nights. Amongst the chaos and exhaustion, they are the masters of mischief, testing their parents' patience to its limits. Yet, within these lies the essence of parenthood, little ones give a whole new meaning to living and loving and instantly make this world a brighter place. This teaches us the profound importance of patience in the up-and-down journey of raising children.

Patience is the ability to bear annoyance, pain, or provocation without complaining, losing temper, or becoming irritated in other words. This allows any parents to deal with everyday’s problems rationally and effectively, while fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the kids.
Cultivating Patience in Parenting

Another way to put it is: patience is what you have when there are too many witnesses. However, our intention here is to make it normal to sometimes lose patience while giving you a helping hand.

Can you practice patience? The answer is Yes, and in this blog, we bring 4 tips that you can try out!
  • Knowing what triggers you: Becoming impatient quickly might happen because parents aren't aware of what causes it or they overlook those triggers. Identifying those triggers can help you understand what's happening and find ways to manage losing your temper. Once you've figured that out, you can prepare yourself by having a reminder to take a step back, breathe, and respond calmly.
  • Listen to your child: Actively listening to your child sends the message that you value their thoughts and feelings, rather than just issuing orders. It's a way to better understand your child – their needs, concerns, and stories – and to find mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Communicate what you feel: Instead of reacting angrily or throwing a tantrum when your child makes a mess, communicate calmly with them about what happened. This approach helps them recognize their mistakes and understand how their behavior affects others, particularly their parents' reactions. By doing so, they are more likely to consider their parents' responses before misbehaving in the future.
  • Mistakes are part of the development: Parents should accept that their children making mistakes is a natural part of their learning and growing. So, rather than focusing on individual mistakes that may seem trivial, parents should concentrate on the broader, long-term perspective of their children's growth and development. 
  • 4+1. Remember to Practice Patience with Ourselves: Let's aim to be patient with ourselves as we navigate this journey. Let's show ourselves some kindness and offer ourselves compassion. We can ask ourselves: What is causing me distress and why I'm feeling triggered. Is it something I need to address within myself?

It's important to give ourselves the gift of patience because growth takes time. We won't ever be perfect parents, but we can lead by example such as apologising when we make mistakes. We can acknowledge, "This is what I should have said..." or "This is what I should have done."

Small steps to a brighter future - Billie Wonder

A flower with tender care and motivation will one day bloom and shine. And, the process starts with small steps, persistence and time. At Billie Wonder, we are laying the foundation with reusable diapers that are hidden gems waiting to shine in a sustainable future. Help us move closer to that future by purchasing our products - especially The Trial Kit - a perfect start of your washable journey.

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