step-by-step guides

Our step-by-step guide walks you through the entire washable experience.

The Changeflow

1. Get your inventory ready

Diapers, liners, and a bin with a laundry net.  Check.

If using washable wipes - wipes, spray bottle, hemp oil and water. Check. Check.

2. Choose the right diaper

Day - The Day Inserts (left) snapped into The Wrap (middle). 

Night - The Night Insert (right) with The Wrap. 

To increase absorbency, add extra Day inserts.  

See “Size, Use & Fitting” below for more info.

3. Use a liner

The Liners catch solids and make cleanup a cinch. Optional if still only breastfeeding. 

See "Size, use & fitting" below for more info.

4. Put the diaper on

Snap diaper closed, making sure it’s comfortable and not too tight. Tip: Your index finger should fit comfortably between diaper and baby. 

See "Size, use & fitting" for more info.


During the day, we recommend changing every 2-4 hours.  Prepare your next diaper and have wipes at hand.


Remove liner and any solids from the diaper, then place the used diaper in the bin.  No need to take the insert out of the wrap, but it is recommended. Taking it out increases the life of both the insert and wrap.

7. Remove laundry net from bin

Open Laundry Net, with used diapers inside, and place it in the washing machine.  Diapers will come out of the net during the wash cycle.

8. Pre-wash, then wash full cycle

Pre-wash short cold cycle (15-30 min).  Then full wash, non-eco, cycle 2-4 hrs / 40°- 60° in non-eco detergent.

9. dry

Line dry water-resistant fabrics (The Wrap, The Wet & Dry Bag, and The Bag). Avoid direct sun, heaters or radiators. Absorbent fabrics (The Day Inserts, The Night Inserts & The Wipes), line dry or tumble dry low.

Repeat: Ready for the next round!



For daytime, use The Day Inserts (right) snapped into The Wrap (middle).  At night, we recommend The Night Insert (left) with The Wrap or The Woolpants (see shop).  Need more absorbency?  Add Day Inserts to the Night Insert to layer.


We offer two sizes, 1 and 2.  Size 1 is approx. 0 - 8kg.  Size 2 is approx 8 - 16kg.  Adjust final fit using the front snaps.


With size checked, The Inserts snapped in, or The Night Insert ready, place the diaper on the baby.  Begin by closing the two rows of snaps at the top.  Put your index finger between baby and diaper to ensure a comfortable fit.

Hide excess fabric

Tuck in any excess fabric between the snaps.

double check

To avoid leaks, make sure no inserts or liners are sticking out of the diaper.  Also, make sure you can put a finger between baby and diaper to ensure fit.  A sock-like imprint on skin is ok, anything else is too tight.

Adjust groin

Tuck diaper at groin to ensure comfort and prevent welts.

Fasten all velcro

To avoid damage to other items during storage or a wash, be sure to close all velcro fasteners (e.g. The Night Insert).


Line dry water resistant fabrics in shade and avoid direct heat from heaters or radiators.  Line dry or tumble dry absorbent fabrics, taking note that tumble drying may reduce the life of fabric.



The Wipes, The Spraybottle, The Hemp Oil, and some water.  This powerful combo means you’re reducing waste and nourishing skin as you clean.


Mix approx 10ml of The Hemp Oil with 100ml of water.  When using our spray bottle, this is 2 to 3 pipettes and fill with water.


To mix the oil and water well, shake the spray bottle with every use.


Moisten wipe by spraying oil/water mix onto wipe.  For large solid clean up jobs, pre-clean baby with toilet paper and finish washable wipes.

used wipes in bin

Used wipes follow the same workflow as diapers.  Place in bin when used and wash along with diapers.