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We easy-to-use products using the kindest materials and fairest sources available.

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Less waste

Reduces disposable waste by 8%

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Save up to €1250/ child


A faster path to potty training

The MAMA'EN Capsule Collection

MAMA'EN x Billie Wonder
How does it work?

For the record, it’s easy and clean. No touching solids. No scraping solids into toilets. No walking around with solids in your bag. Just a couple new terms and accessories, some laundry instructions, and you’re off.

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What do I need?

Same list as disposable diaper routines. Bin, bin liner, diapers, diaper bag, and wipes. Or opt for a kit, which will have everything you need. 

Want to reduce more waste and save more money? Switch to washable wipes.

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