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Save time, money and waste

We make easy to use products with the kindest materials and fairest sources available For Tiny Changemakers…

The future is theirs. The choice is ours.

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Less waste

22kg/month waste saved

economical choice

Save up to €1250/ child


Get potty-ready almost 1 year faster

Why washables?

Disposable Diapers

  • ~ 1 ton of plastic waste per child
  • Harmful chemicals
  • High temperatures and heat accumulation
  • Expensive ~ €1400 per child
  • Harmful for the environment

Billie WOnder

  • The Wrap: soft, breathable & easy to clean
  • The Insert: made of 55% Hemp & 45% Oeko-Tex organic cotton
  • Soft & breathable material
  • Save up to €1250/ child
  • Perfect for siblings to reuse
Simple to use

Washables are easier than you think and perhaps similar to your current changing routine.

Our step-by-step guide will walk you through The Change Flow of washable diapers, and provide an overview of the entire washable experience.

where does the poo go?
No mess, no fuss

It's simple and tidy — no handling solids directly, no flushing, no carrying them around, no poo in the washing machine.

Just a couple new terms, accessories, a cheatsheet for laundry instructions, and you're good to go.

We recommend to start with The Trial Kit - an easy way to see if washables are for you.

is it healthy?
Gentle on the skin, kind to the planet

We're passionate about reducing waste with our durable, aesthetically pleasing washable diapers and essentials.

Our diapers, crafted from 55% hemp and 45% Oeko-Tex organic cotton, are not just highly absorbent but also eco-friendly, making them a choice the planet gladly welcomes back when it's time to say goodbye after years of use.

Start your routine

Our Trial Kit has got everything you need to give washable diapers a good try.

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