Keep wondering

Heading towards a world free of waste, filled with wonder.

The name, Billie Wonder, is purposely androgynous and optimistic. It’s a nod to our commitment to stay impartial, upbeat, tireless, and curious, choosing only the best and most honest materials for our customers and the planet.

We work hard to reduce waste, making washable diapers and essentials that are nice to look at and so well made that you can’t throw them away. And when you do throw them away, ideally after many years of service, our goal is to make products the planet is happy to take back.

We are a work in progress both in product and organization, so stay with us because the ride has only just begun.

Image By Madeleine Bolle

Regeneration Generation

Putting life at the center of every act and decision

We’ve taken author Paul Hawken’s call to “put life at the center of every act and decision” to heart.

His idea of Regeneration – inclusive, cooperative, dignified, optimistic, and compassionate – as an approach to the world’s challenges is the guide we apply to our business. From our messaging – high, no guilt, no finger pointing – to our business practices – flat, transparent, flexible, supportive – we are a new generation of commercial business who see the world and our place in it differently. Our success will be measured on a healthier, happier planet and a greater adoption of washable diapers globally, regardless of our market share.

And what better way to begin this journey than with babies, our tiny changemakers, and new parents.