Blossom Capsule Collection

Blossom Capsule Collection

by Khaoula Boumeshouli & Lauren Lewis x Billie Wonder

Spring has arrived at Billie Wonder, ushering in a season of transformation and a new washable diaper and accessory collection featuring fresh designs inspired by two remarkable women.

Spring symbolises transformation and new beginnings, much like the journey of motherhood, which is filled with innumerable cherished moments and lovely memories. The Blossom collection captures the spirit of the season, celebrating life, love, nature, and the path of parenthood.

What truly makes this collection special are the two incredible mothers we worked with: The Moroccan-Dutch Khaoula Boumeshouli and Afro-Nicaraguan-Dutch Lauren Lewis - who have infused their creativity into each unique print, adding a touch of wonder to this collection.

Lauren Wasbare Luiers


Passionate about sustainable living, Lauren views reusable diapers as the future of baby care. This conviction has fueled her long-held dream to design her own diaper line. The result is her enchanting prints, Lemon and Ginkgo, which draw inspiration from natural and organic forms. These designs are a true reflection of her instinctive and organic approach to motherhood, making the Lauren Lewis collection a perfect blend of functionality and style, exclusively for Billie Wonder.

Lauren, an embodiment of natural beauty and authenticity, brings her all-encompassing creativity as a model, content creator, and dedicated mother to this partnership. Known for her realness, Lauren's versatile style seamlessly blends femininity, color, casual chic, and playfulness, complemented by her active, adventurous lifestyle.


A modest fashion icon and dynamic entrepreneur, integrates her profound commitment to motherhood, self-development, and female empowerment into every aspect of her designs. Known for her sophisticated and unique style with a feminine touch, she inspires a wide array of women across fashion and beauty. Resulting in a beautiful collaboration with Billie Wonder, crafted with a keen eye for both style and sustainability. 

Driven by her role as a mother and her heightened awareness of the environmental challenges her daughter will face, Khaoula's collection reflects her dedication to positively shaping the future. The designs, Berry Blush and Bloom Elegance, are inspired by the Arabic word for wild flower or rose, perfectly capturing the essence of spring and summer with their charming and fresh prints. This collection not only showcases Khaoula’s elegant aesthetic but also her commitment to eco-friendly baby care solutions, aligning perfectly with Billie Wonder's mission.



Together with these two amazing women, we invite you to join us in celebrating the arrival of spring and the joy of parenthood. Embrace the new season of change and growth with open hearts and blooming spirits.
make your way to the shop to view and buy the collection while supplies last!

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