Mama’en x Billie Wonder - Capsule Collection

Mama’en x Billie Wonder - Capsule Collection

Busy Bees

Mama’en x Billie Wonder - Capsule Collection

Despite the hiccups around the world, it’s been a busy couple years for Steef Fleur and Nina Pierson.  Steef reinvented Billie Wonder, searching the world over for the best and fairest diaper wear. Nina, amongst a boatload of other things we’ll cover later, published Mama’en (April 2020), a book and podcast dedicated to the “mama” in motherhood.

Nina was one of the earliest voices for washable diapers and a pioneer in what we like to call natural parenthood. A movement that empowers through self-care and instinct. Together, Billie Wonder and Mama’en are launching a collection of washable diapers with designs inspired by Nina’s love for bees.  That’s right, bees. Bees being Nina’s playful way to talk about the complexities of parenting and the environment. And, as you can well imagine, we’re honoured and excited about the opportunity.

For those who don’t know Nina, the buzz is very real.  This mama of three is an entrepreneur, editor, activist, influencer, as well as a wife, creative director, spokesperson, author, and podcast host.

Her many titles are proof of what she preaches in knowing one’s power and trusting one’s intuition. Mama’en is a book she felt she was missing when she became a mother.  A book where mama comes first.  A book described as preparation, a hand to hold, and a compass (Als voorbereiding, houvast en Kompas).

The Nina Pierson and Billie Wonder connection was fated. Steef and Nina share the belief that success is what you contribute to the world.  Not necessarily the busy-ness of business and what you achieve.  And both entrepreneurial moms are tireless and committed to passing on a healthier planet to their children and the generations that follow.

This collection will do just that. The beautifully and thoughtfully designed capsule collection retells the story of washables, in both look and function. For the diaper designs, Nina worked with one of her favourite illustrators, Froukje den Nijs.  On use and process, Steef and Nina co-host a myth-busting washable diaper tutorial.  The result is a collection of easy-to-use and fun diapers that bees, people, and the planet will adore. 

The Mama’en x Billie Wonder capsule collection is available now in limited quantities.  Please visit our store while supplies last.

A special thanks to the team who made the photoshoot happen. And an extra special thanks to Nina for her support.

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