The Laundrynet by Billie Wonder
The Laundrynet in The Bin

The Laundry Net

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The Laundry Net, together with The Bin, offers a convenient solution for holding all used diapers and inserts. 

  • Made entirely from 100% organic cotton
  • Measures 43 x 50 cm fits perfectly The Bin's outer edge

Experience the ease and practicality of The Laundry Net—an essential addition to your diapering setup.

On laundry day, simply lift the net out of The Bin, open the drawstring top, and toss the net and used diaper contents directly into the washer. (Note: The net may shrink slightly in the wash but regains its shape when in use.)

We recommend buying two nets, so you have one in The Bin while the other is in the wash.

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