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The Lanolin

The Lanolin

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The Lanolin derives from sheep wool and acts as a natural and nourishing water resistant agent. It is also miraculously self-cleaning. 

Experience the natural benefits of lanolin, providing both care and longevity to The Woolpants.

We recommend treating The Woolpants with lanolin before the first use and then every 3 weeks to maintain water resistance.

- Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of lanolin to 2 litres of hot water
- Let the lanolin and hot water mix cool to lukewarm
- Add The Woolpants and soak overnight
- Avoid hot water to prevent damage
- Rinse with cold water and line dry. (Note: If necessary, tumble dry low, though note this may reduce the fabric's lifespan.)

Use the Magic Wool infused with Lanolin. It's known for its healing properties, the wool not only promotes recovery but also acts as a breathable buffer for the skin.

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