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The Liners

The Liners

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Meet The Liners—a practical addition to simplify your diapering routine. Placed between your baby's skin and the diaper, these liners facilitate moisture transfer into the diaper's absorbent inserts and streamline solid disposal.

Packaged in perforated rolls, each containing 100 sheets, The Liners are made of 80% paper pulp and 20% polyester, offering partial biodegradability (not flushable). Manufacturer: Imse Vimse

Experience the convenience and eco-friendly design of The Liners—a simple solution for a cleaner and more efficient diapering experience.

• When dealing with solids, lift the liner out of the diaper and throw it away or flush the solid and dispose of the used liner.
• When no solids are present, you can throw the wet liner in the trash or place it in your laundry bin for washing and reuse.

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