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The Wipes

The Wipes

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Meet The Wipes—an eco-friendly and budget-smart alternative to disposable wipes, saving a remarkable €750 per child while promoting sustainability.

Crafted from 55% hemp and 45% Oeko-Tex organic cotton, these wipes provide a gentle touch for baby's skin (we've got the organic part covered, even if it's not on the care label).

  • Size: 19 x 14 cm
  • Quantity: 12 wipes per pack
  • Presented in a 100% organic cotton mesh bag with a drawstring ribbon

To use, simply moisten The Wipes and cleanse the baby's skin. We recommend using them in combination with The Spray Bottle filled with a water and Hemp Oil mixture, offering nourishment and effective cleaning.

For larger cleanups, start with toilet paper for solids, dispose of it, and then reach for The Wipes with The Hemp Oil/water mixture—a small change making a big difference.

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