The MAMA'EN Mini Bag (Free with Gift Kit)

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Billie Wonder’s collaboration with Nina Pierson’s Mama’en inspired by Nina’s love for bees. Bees being Nina’s playful way to talk about the complexities of parenting and the environment.

The Mini Bag is a smaller version of The Midi Bag. 

It is a one compartment bag made of 100% PUL (Polyurethane Laminated fabric). It is perfect for holding wet or dry diapers, as well as other small accessories.

The Mini Bag can hold 1 diaper, making it perfect for short outings, where you need one diaper, like swimming pool visits. 

Note: This product is made for our campaign - if you buy a Gift Kit, you get a free Mini Bag. If you order this Mini Bag without the Gift Kit, you have to pay the extra charge for the bag 12,90EUR or we'll not send it to you with your order. Thank you for understanding. 

Also available in all three of our signature Billie Wonder prints.

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