The Wipe Kit
The Wipe Kit
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The Wipe Kit
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The Wipe Kit

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Meet The Wipe Kit — your sustainable solution for a gentle and eco-friendly wiping experience.

Our washable wipes are not only an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable wipes but also a fantastic way to minimise waste and cut down on costs — saving a remarkable €750 per child while promoting sustainability.

1x The Hemp Oil
1x The Spray Bottle
1x The Wipes

More about the wipes: Crafted from 55% hemp and 45% Oeko-Tex organic cotton, and provide a gentle touch for the baby's skin (we've got the organic part covered, even if it's not on the care label).

Size: 19 x 14 cm
Quantity: 12 wipes per pack
Presented in a 100% organic cotton mesh bag with a drawstring ribbon

- To use, simply moisten The Wipes with the The Spray Bottle filled with a water and Hemp Oil mixture and cleanse the baby's skin.
- For larger cleanups, start with toilet paper for solids, dispose of it, and then reach for The Wipes with The Hemp Oil/water mixture – a small change making a big difference.

For those ready to make the full switch to washable wipes, we recommend considering an extra set or two.



  • Snap The Insert(s) in The Wrap
  • Lay The Liner onto The Insert
  • Snap the diaper closed
  • Remove solids together with The Liner and dispose
  • Place the used Insert in The Laundrynet/ The Bin.
  • You can reuse The Wrap (max 3x without washing)


The Wrap, The Nighttime, and The Inserts are available in two sizes— offering a soft and comfortable fit.

It's important to note that every child is unique, so the sizes and weights provided below are merely guidelines.

  • Size 1: Suitable for newborns up to 8 kg
  • Size 2: Designed for 8 kg to 16 kg

The final adjustment for the diaper's fit is made by using snaps positioned on the front of the diaper.

The absorption can be tailored by layering inserts according to the specific requirements.

WATER-RESISTANT PRODUCTS (The Wrap, The Wet & Dry Bag, and The Bag):

  • Pre-wash with a short cold cycle
  • Then machine wash at 40° using non-eco powder detergent
  • Line dry in shade
  • Do not tumble dry

ABSORBENT PRODUCTS (The Nighttime and The Inserts):

  • Begin with a pre-wash using a short cold cycle
  • Follow up with a machine wash at 40°-60° using non-eco powder detergent
  • Line dry or, if necessary, tumble dry on low heat (note that tumble drying may reduce the product's lifespan).

Download laundry instructions

Our materials fall into two categories: water-resistant and absorbent fabrics.


  • The Wrap, The Wet & Dry Bag, and The Bag - 100% PUL (Polyurethane Laminated Fabric).
  • PUL is a common material for washable diapers due to its ease of cleaning, softness, breathability, and durability for multiple uses.


  • The Nighttime and The Inserts - 55% Hemp, 45% Oeko-Tex
    organic, unbleached and undyed cotton.
  • This product does shrink after first wash, but has been designed accordingly. 

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